In addition to my other projects, I'm an inspirational speaker. I say "inspirational" and not "motivational" because I'm not here to help motivate you to do anything. There are many other people and resources in the world for that. I'm here to remind you of the truths you already know.

Ever sit in a lecture hall, nodding your head, thinking, "Of course"? That's because we all already know all the answers to our life's questions. We just forget sometimes and need prompting. I'm here to remind you of the spark that already resides in you. To help you get back in touch with love, intuition, and faith. 

Contact me about speakers rates and fees. I can speak about a variety of topics including:

  • spirituality
  • addiction and recovery
  • body image
  • love and relationships
  • following intuition

Here is a testimonial from Heather Lam, president of the Kappa Phi Lamda sorority at the University of Maryland:

"Thank you so much for coming out! Your presentation was great! The whole topic about body image really worked with our theme. Adding your experiences also worked because I know that many women can relate. I really did enjoy your talk and I enjoyed the discussion we had afterwards! I think asking questions to the audience definitely encourage more people to speak up."

Contact me to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you.

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