Nothing Is Permanent

This week someone I really loved and cared about died. What it really highlights for me is nothing is permanent, nothing is stable.

At this moment I feel extremely unsettled, like God reached down and shook up my snow globe, which is perhaps a good thing.

Recognizing nothing is permanent, nothing is secure, really forces me to be present, to be in the moment. I realize every person in my life, every object, every situation is a gift. It’s something to be cherished for the short time it’s around. People will not be in my life forever, which is all the more reason to enjoy them while they are. Recognizing the impermanence of everything shows me I cannot take anything for granted. Who knows how long it will be around?

All I can do right now is be grateful for this moment, for this experience, for this life.

The only thing I think is truly permanent, truly stable and truly infinite is God. God’s love is all-pervading. God’s love is stable and permanent and always around. And these things surrouding me? These people? This computer I’m typing on? It’s a manifestation of God and God’s love. I, you, we are showered with God’s love all the time. Death reminds me to be grateful for it, to enjoy it, to revel in it.

I envision a world where no one takes one another for granted. I envision a world where we are all more present, where we recognize our lives for what they are: a gift. I envision a world where we enjoy each and every moment. Where we recognize God’s love surrounds us always. Where we can feel the ocean of bliss surrounding us and not fall for the trap we need any thing or person in our life to feel stable because it’s not true. There is permanence and stability only in the moment. There is only God and manifestations of God. There is only love in its various forms. There are only gifts from on high that make life a little more enjoyable. I envision a world where we are joyous and happy and free. I envision a world where people fully embrace and experience each and every moment because this moment is all we truly have.

Not only is another world possible, it’s probable.

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