Accepting The Good

I had a conversation with a friend about this on Monday and it seems to be coming up for me as well so I figured it was worth a blogpost. My friend is looking for a place to live and she stumbled across a housing situation that seems like everything she’s been praying for. She said she’s scared to take it though because what if she loves it tremendously and then all of a sudden the whole thing falls apart? What if she experiences happiness unlike any she’s known and then her higher power decides to take it all away? I have that fear too.

I was all set to write a post about how it’s hard for me to accept the good things that come into my life. How it’s hard for me to say, “Ok God, I trust you.” How I’m scared to be in a relationship because what happens if it doesn’t work out? How will I bear that pain? But in even thinking about writing a post like that I felt a switch in my thinking. You know why? Because I deserve to rejoice in life and I accept all the pleasures life has to offer. Also my higher power is not out to get me or to punish me. My higher power wouldn’t say, “Here you go Rebekah. Here are all your dreams come to life,” and then turn around and take it all away from me to be mean. How does that serve anybody?

I realize everything that happens to me, everything is for my good. Is for my own growth and development. Every situation is to strip away all the layers of my ego, all the things that keep me locked in a place of separation from God. That means if my higher power were to take away a housing situation or a boyfriend or whatever, it’s for a damn good reason. It means there is some lesson that will take me to a higher, grander, more beautiful place. It means there is some lesson that will spur me on my path to enlightenment. There is nothing in my life that’s here to cause me undue suffering. There is nothing in my life that’s here to keep me miserable. Nothing.

I think about all the “bad” things that have happened to me like getting a crappy internship in London or not getting the job I really wanted in San Francisco. Looking back I see the good that came out of those situations. My terrible London internship was the first time I realized I would never be happy working for just some random publication, getting up and going to work in the morning. My terrible London internship was also the key moment I realized I wanted to use my words for good, for more than just making money.

The job I wanted so desperately in SF? It turns out if I got that job I would have been laid off. That entire magazine folded so really it’s quite lucky I’m working where I am.

I guess that’s what this post is about. Really synthesizing my new definition of a higher power. You know why? Because my higher power loves me. My higher power knows what’s in my best interest better than I do. My higher power wants me to experience joy and happiness and that means accepting the good things too. That means saying yes to an awesome relationship or an awesome living situation or an awesome job. That means saying yes to life, being unafraid because my higher power doesn’t take away things to spite me.

This is me saying I accept my good. I accept the good things coming into my life. I accept all the pleasures life has to offer. I accept and trust and believe my dreams will come true. And I also know if they don’t, that just means my higher power has something even better in store for me.

I dream of a world where we all feel it is safe for us to accept the good things in life. A world where we trust everything that happens is for our own self-realization. A world where we know the good things will stay in our lives as long as they serve us. A world where we know ultimately our higher power only wants us to be happy and that means accepting the good things that come our way.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.

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  • kailash May 21, 2010, 1:59 pm

    right on! one question that i think helps me make a decision when i'm feeling apprehension is this: is this choice fundamentally unwise or is it scary because of the unknown? If the answer is fear of change or the unknown, you should probably go for it. like you say, you'll be better off for it.

  • unconditionalserenity May 27, 2010, 6:22 pm

    Yesterday I shared with my trusted advisor that it is SO not working for me to have a Higher Power that has human traits. I have tried calling it God. I have tried acting as if "it unconditionally loves me". And I can't avoid being codependent with the idea of this person/spirit/thing who allegedly has feelings for me. I have not experienced a type of love that has ever not hurt me.

    So for today I prayed for HP to be the qualities of water. Flowing, absorptive, cleansing, reflective, nonjudgmental. I'd like to be those and experience those.

    I'm grateful to be engaged with those of us who are truly In the Conversation.

  • Rebekah May 28, 2010, 7:42 pm

    I hear you unconditionalserenity. For me I guess my higher power is personified but also not. The qualities I ascribe to my higher power are "human" if you can call unconditional love a "human" trait. For me it's understanding what unconditional love looks like, so that means being able to trust my higher power and to accept good things into my life. Knowing I'm not "punished" for any supposed sins. But I also don't think God is a corporeal being who sits in the clouds. God to me is an all pervasive energy, and that energy is unconditional love. A love that carries the spark of creation.

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