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So for the past few days I’ve been thinking about this whole Russia and Georgia thing. It’s easy to get sucked into the notion the world is horrible and human beings are terrible creatures who are constantly harming one another. I think we can do better than that. I think we can start to counteract impending war and assaults and robberies and fear by being positive. That probably sounds ridiculous but hear me out.

I don’t necessarily mean people should be Miss Suzy Sunshine all day because frankly, we’re not built that way. What I mean is on an individual level the best thing I can do to counteract war is to spread positivity. To spread light. As it says on a Yogi Tea bag I picked up: “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” I am not in a position of power. I am not a politician or a prime minister or a part of the U.N. However, that does not mean I am powerless. It does not mean that I and others like me have to mire in darkness watching the world around us become denigrated.

The best thing I can do is spread light. To put positive energy into the world to counteract all the darkness. I have a mechanism for doing so through yoga and meditation but you don’t have to be a yogi to spread positivity. By doing the things we enjoy, by laughing, by smiling, by singing, we spread the light. When we are happy we put happiness out into the world and by doing so we change it little by little.

I don’t have any “proof” this does anything but it sure seems like if you shower people with love and positivity feelings of fear and hatred lessen. It seems to make sense the best way to counteract negativity is with positivity. It seems to make sense spreading light shrinks darkness. So what am I doing? I am putting positive energy out in the world in the hopes of making it a better place. Just imagine what the world would be like if collectively we starting spreading more light! My feeling is not only is another world possible, it’s probable if we take the steps to make it better.

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  • Anonymous Aug 12, 2008, 6:08 am

    HI! Hope that you’re doing great and keep up the inspirational blog!

  • John Aug 13, 2008, 9:35 am

    I agree that positive energy can change things for the better. My example is less on the scale of world events and more on a personal level, but I’ve seen the power of positive thinking at work. The short version is that my father didn’t want me to attend the college I wanted to. However, for the entirety of my senior year in high school, I practiced positive thinking by constantly thinking that I would attend this college. When the yearbook asked me what college I was going to attend, I gave them the name of the college it was far from a conclusion I would attend. In the end, my Dad came around and I got to attend the college of my choice, which I attribute to my positive thinking.

    My story is not one of changing the world, but I think it shows what the power of positive thinking has done for me. If we put it in to practice with larger events, I think we can have the same result.

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