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I’ve had a nightmare literally every night for more than a week so I’m in no condition to do anything other than rest. As such, here is a post from almost exactly three years ago.

I think I’ve written an iteration of this blogpost a thousand times, but I have to write what’s true for me and this week it’s been all about how the universe knows what I need even before I do sometimes.

I posted this on facebook a few days ago so many of you have already read it, but when I was in Washington, D.C. a few months ago, somebody gave me a magnet. My reaction was, “Great. Like I need any more stuff.” However, I kept it because I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.

We are always taken care of.

We are always taken care of.

On Tuesday, I moved into my sublet in Berkeley. It’s a really cute apartment, but the guy I’m renting from is minimalistic. There’s no cheese grater, cookie sheet, hell, he didn’t even leave me any pens. As I unpacked, I came across my magnet and I stuck it up on the bare refrigerator. As soon as the magnet touched the surface, a wave of feeling swept over me. I choked up because I realized the magnet was given to me months in advance for this very moment when I would need it. To know the universe loves and supports me, in ways I can’t even fathom yet, really touched me. To see that I’m taken care of in even such a small way turned on the water works.

I love this story because I can extrapolate this small event for the bigger stuff. As I said, I’m subletting, so that means I still have to find a permanent place to live. (And permanent in this case means at least a year.) I have some anxiety about it because what I want seems nigh impossible: affordable, spacious, and in a good location? Most people would say I’d be lucky to have two of those things. To see how the universe takes care of me in a very real way gives me hope that my beautiful apartment will also manifest. And it gives me hope I’ll always be taken care of in ways I can’t even predict yet.

I dream of a world where we know we’re always taken care of. A world where we know all of our needs will always be met even if the setup has to happen in advance. A world where we rest easy, feeling joyous and free because we know the universe will always provide for us if we ask.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.

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  • Denise May 2, 2016, 1:41 am

    Thank you for this post. Thanks for raising the consciousness that we are all taken care of by the loving and caring Universe in all the ways possible.

    That’s a lense for me to see everything:

    ~ That guy who never texted me back? Rejection as Protection. What am I protected from? None of my business. Am I curious? Hell yes. But I am going away from that thought because that’s the business of my Higher Power not mine.

    ~ That new flaky friend who said yesterday that she would keep in touch today never reached out? I actually don’t feel like hanging out today. It’s just the People Pleaser in me wanted to hang out. And I think this is the final proof to keep this friend at more of a distance since this is the 3rd or 4th time where she talks about hanging out, and comes the day of the hang out… poof… nothing. No calls, no text, no nothing for weeks. So, I need to stop saying yes to unavailable people. This is a lesson that will keep happening and happening until I learn it. And also state my boundaries and learn to have an adult conversation about it without burning a bridge.

    Thanks for reminding that I am taken care of by the Universe too.

    • Rebekah May 4, 2016, 7:41 pm

      You are welcome! And yes, you are definitely taken care of by the Universe too. =)

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