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International Day of Peace is next Monday and my Collective Dreaming meetup is on Sunday. In an effort to get our energy moving in that dreaming/visualizing space I’d like to hear from you. I’d like to hear from you about where you see another world manifesting. What instances of peace/prosperity/change are you noticing? Where in your life or in the lives of others are you noticing a surge of positivity? Where do you see how another world is probable?

Anything you want to share about a positive experience I’d love to hear about. =)

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  • Christopher Sep 19, 2009, 3:33 pm

    In the new world I see, the divine is a felt presence in the world, and all celebrate each other's unique ways to love the divine. The interdependence and brotherhood and sisterhood of all people is a felt presence, and we all learn new ways to understand and support each other. Children are born into a community where being spiritually awake is the norm for the adults around them, and develop gracefully and naturally into spiritually awake individuals, themselves.

    I know this world is possible and probable. I feel it in the wide-open spaces; in myself, in the heart-space of the world around me, and in the body of Gaia.

    I experience it every day in the lives and transformations of the people I love around me: my friends, my meditation communities, the people at the awakening businesses, industries, and schools I'm in contact with. I like to think I can even see it in small ways in my family.

    The knowledge of humanity is growing to keep up with and support this transformation. We can see this in many places, ranging from Masaru Emoto's work, Effective Microorganisms, sustainable/local agriculture and cuisine, global meditations, living water technologies, new gemstone technologies, new healing modalities.

    And the biggest place I see it is in our faith. If another world is probable, it's because we make it so.

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