It Gets Better

If you don’t know about it, in response to recent suicides by LGBT youth, columnist Dan Savage launched a project called It Gets Better for people to upload videos talking about how life gets better, how life is worth living. That if you’re LGBT, or even just identify as queer, life will not always be hard. That good things are waiting for you and to hang around for them.

Here’s Dan Savage’s video:

Here’s a video from Chaz Bono, Sunny Bono and Cher’s kid:

Can I just say I love this exists? I love the progress we have made in the world that hundreds of people will upload videos onto YouTube talking about how Life Gets Better. How the dark moments don’t last forever. How we all find love and happiness. How no one can keep us down because we are destined to fly.

I love this is playing out on the national stage. That people are less afraid to be true to themselves, to let themselves shine. Is it happening as quickly as I would like? Of course not. (I mean, come on, have you met me?) But the point is it’s happening. It’s happening. All the things we want are taking place. And that is a beautiful thing.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.

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  • bethcrittenden Oct 15, 2010, 3:34 am

    Thanks for posting that. I hadn't heard of it. It's so true!! A way I've heard the growth path described, which I really liked, was: "It gets worse. Then it gets better. Then it gets different." : ) And thank goodness not a single person has to do it alone if they don't want to.

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