I Feel It in My Body

Every morning for the past month or so, upon awakening I put my hand on my heart and say, "I love how sensitive you are because that means you are better able to accept and receive divine messages." Lately what that means for me is feeling my intuition in a tangible way. In the past, my intuition would be a thought, but now it's a thought accompanied by a physical sensation.

The other day I traversed the Bay into San Francisco. On my return home I had options for where I would change trains: Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery, or Embarcadero. As my train pulled into Powell St. station I had the thought, "I should get off here to catch my train," and then my body chimed in by feeling warm and tingly. I was practically excited by the idea of transferring at Powell St. In an impulsive move (because previously I had decided to transfer at Embarcadero, the more "sensible" thing to do), I jumped off the train and walked to my next platform. Lo and behold, within 30 seconds the exact train I needed arrived.

This little girl is tuning in. You can just tell. And, er, copyright is bloggysarah.

Doreen Virtue often says our bodies are our best divining tools — if we feel something in the body that's an intuitional message. It's certainly true for me — the more I've been taking care of my body the more strongly my body speaks to me. I bring this up because I think many of us spend time divorcing our bodies from our minds. When there's a decision to make — big or small — we employ our rational minds, ask a lot of people for advice, and then make our decision. The truth is we already know what to do. We're already receiving the message.

Intuition is often painted as the opposite of logic. In my experience that's false. Intuition encompasses logic plus other factors that I can't see. It seems to me intuition is more logical than logic because it transcends the rational mind. Intuition includes rationality but also acts like a bird soaring in the sky, offering a much broader perspective.  

I need that broader perspective because from where I'm sitting things are, er, a little bleak. I don't know where I'm living after Thursday. I'm unclear what's going on with my finances and if I'll be able to afford to live by myself. I'm thinking about buying scooter (like a Vespa) but I don't know if I'd enjoy it or if it's a good decision. If I employed my rational mind I'd be a wreck, full of fear and anxiety. It's important for me to sink into my body and use my intuition because I know I'll be OK. I know I'll find a place to live. I know all of my needs will always be met. I have to stay close to my intuition and keep feeling what's going on in my body in order to maintain my sanity and to sift through all these decisions. My intuition is working for the small things so I have to trust it will work for the big ones too.     

I dream of a world where we pay attention to our intuition. A world where we understand our bodies are our divining rods so it's important to take care of them. A world where we trust what we feel. A world where we give in to those intuitional impulses even when they seem illogical because in truth they're probably more logical than logic.

Another world is not only possible, it's probable. 

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  • Erika Apr 19, 2013, 2:01 pm

    This is really great to read… I always battle with my intuition, even though I know it's right. The problem is I want to know why it's right and when I can't find the answer I want the way I want it, I stop trusting myself or doubting it.

    Intuition really is faith… faith in one's self and faith in something bigger. It, like you said, does encompass logic and then some. It's bigger than logic. 

    I really like that you said you're starting to FEEL intuition physically, rather than just as a thought. That's so cool! 

    I'm a similar position about life choices and what's coming up, but I feel similarly to you — like I'm not panicked and that everything will be okay. It's kind of weird and kind of awesome.

  • Rebekah Apr 21, 2013, 9:09 pm

    =) Love to hear this.

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